Cultivating a Redesign


Conversific is a company that helps customers with e-commerce data analytics who deals with number and graphs. Sounds like something that would be in a powerpoint presentation, but the website’s visuals shouldn't look that way. My mission is create design better visuals that are not only more engaging, but help unify the company’s branding.

*Disclaimer: This was a personal project. Conversific has no affiliation with this project*


User Interface Design


I created illustrations to reinterpret the company site’s copy from the ground up. This involved using the brand’s color and a farming theme that expresses two key messages: growth and variety.



Farming & crops represent numbers and data. I choose this to emphasize some of keyword uses in the copy: hand-picked, uncovered, and growth. But also provide some un-mentioned messages like providing the “groundwork” to nurture the “seed” business to grow


I themed the illustration colors to match the blues and purples of the company's branding. Designing each visual to best represent the copy

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