Recruiting a New Vision


Nolane is a job recruitment company that find the best candidates for technology startups. The website contains stock images that may not be relatable to your users. My mission was to create visuals that appear approachable and engaging.

*Disclaimer: This was a personal project. Nolane has no affiliation with this project*


User Interface Design


I wanted to introduce infographics for easier readability to draw in companies looking for fresh talent. Help separate from the competition that typical uses stock photos on their web pages.



A technology recruitment site needs to be competitive in the current market. With a unique look, it already sets it self apart to become more memorable to retain and gain interest from new business startups.


I created illustrations based off of the blue logo with green to help harmonize the color scheme. The hero image of the handshake represents an older generation welcoming new, progressive talent into the workforce. The other spot illustrations add visuals to support site features. The friendly style is easily approachable for your clientele.

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